S for second, S for short cut

Maya is an tool with high productivity once you get used to the short cut keys. Memorizing short cut keys is the key to master Maya. Therefore ‘S’, Short cut keys are very important. The second tutorial, we start with modeling by NURBS Components. NURBS is a good choice to build organic form. There are different expression in continuity to demonstrate the curve. And Tolerance is a property to determine the object is closed or not. And size will affect the gap between the faces. When you scale up the object and the gap will become larger. The system may not treat it as a closing face base on the tolerance setting. That is why we should build larger model and do not scale it up. After that we have spent some time on sculpting, snap tools and deformer. Both are different ways or tools to build model.


‘First’ touch with Maya

Technically, 3D content in maya production is the first time to me to play around with Maya. Why technically? The reason is I have a almost subject with this in my associated degree study. Although Maya is the main tools in the lesson, the tutor allow us using other 3D software to finish the final project. Then I have choose Cinema 4D and learning by myself because it seems more easy to me. I have not well trained Maya for this reason.

In my view, 3D content is essential for multi – media. This thought encourage me to take this course and train up my skill set. I have stay focus throughout entire lesson. In this first lesson. Basic UI and function were tough. And we only use a “G" key to repeat extrude to create a space battleship. luckily, I could understand and catch up the intensive instruction.